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posters 3/25/08: Not much happenin', just a little update.

They Came From Hollywood is a real-time strategy/action game for Win2K/XP currently in development by us, Octopus Motor. The strategy? You're a monster. You're city-threatenin' big. Naturally, tiny worthless humans want to kill you. You're hungry. You're pissed off. NO CITY IS SAFE!

Well, all right...Bug Tussle, Oklahoma and Brockton, Pennsylvania probably shouldn't lose any sleep over this.

Following in the monster-sized footsteps of beloved games like Crush, Crumble, Chomp, TCFH lets you menace the population as one of many giant movie monsters. Customize your own monster, or play as a character from the crappy horror films of Ed Wood contemporary Harold Haxton. For more about Haxton and his movies, visit "Harold Haxton: A Life In The Can".

Planned for release, well, whenever we get it finished, They Came From Hollywood will be published by Octopus Motor and available for purchase at this website.

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