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8/06: Flower Power

8/06: Turn Over A New Leaf
ant digging
8/06: Dig It
8/06: I'm Comin' Out
Let's go out to the lobby
11/05: Theater Lobby
Baby mantids
11/05: Mantis Babies
baby newts
11/05: Little Newts
11/05: Baby Ants
05/25/05: Harry
05/25/05: Psychos
05/25/05: Cows
05/25/05: You're fired!
Fair Warning
03/30/05: For Amusement Only
03/30/05: Save Ferris!
03/30/3005: Stop go carts
03/27/05: Frightened Beach Memoirs
In the swim
12/23/04: In the swim
12/23/04: Spider
Ant In NYC
12/23/04: Ant
12/23/04: Duck Attack
Madison Square Garden
9/30/04: Madison Square Garden
Angry Newt At Madison Square
9/30/04: Walk Through The Garden
Gob In NYC
9/30/04: East Side Gob
Spider On Liberty Island
9/30/04: Spider On Liberty Island
UFO scores
8/12/04: Send Men In Black!
Eye On The Park
8/12/04: Eyeball In Central Park
Cleopatra's Needle
8/12/04: Central Park 2
Central Park
8/12/04: More Of That Darn Park
The great escape
1/27/04: Attica! Attica!
Sunburning Man
1/27/04: Pass the sunscreen
silly walks
1/27/04: Risky Businessmen
I wanna sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom!
10/30/03: I want to sleep in
the Lincoln Bedroom
Who you tellin' to eat a sandwich?
10/30/03: Harry attacks a tank
Where's the string?.
10/30/03: Mayhem on the mall
Plant in GG Park
04/22/03: Not easy being green
Ant Shoots
04/22/03: Fire, ant
Mantis & Radiation
04/22/03: Radiation Cloud
Ant at Hubcap Inn
01/18/03: The Hubcap Inn
Ant gets gassed
01/18/03: Ant gets gassed
UFO attacks Golden Gate
01/18/03: UFO trailer shot
Santa Claus
12/17/02: San Francisco
has been naughty
Kris Kringle
12/17/02: Ho Ho Horror
Jolly St. Nick
12/17/02: The whole downtown shook...
Ant & lumber yard
12/01/02: I'm not a termite
Desert ant
12/01/02: Ant in desert
Doggie Diner
11/03/02: Doggie Diner
Black & white mode
10/28/02: Black & white mode
Legion of Honor
10/28/02: Legion Of Honor
Go Giants!
10/28/02: GO GIANT Spiders.
Golden Gate Park
10/18/02: Golden Gate Park
10/18/02: "The Rock"
10/18/02: Big Trouble In Little Chinatown
What happens when you call it Frisco
10/7/02: Where's my sourdough?
The Palace Of Fine Arts
10/7/02: Flaming death at
the Palace of Fine Arts
Union Square
10/7/02: Union Square
7/30/02: F-15 free-for-all
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