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Hot Newt
7/08/02: Flamethrower
Okay, now I'm mad.
7/08/02: One angry newt
Gimme some sugar
4/26/02: What if this radioactive
human turns me into Peter Parker?
4/26/02: Oh, how they danced,
the little people of Stonehenge.
Excuse me
4/26/02: Shouldn't have eaten
at Huevos Mundos.
I'm outta here.
4/26/02: Screw you guys,
I'm outta here.
4/26/02: Intermission
Ow, that's gotta hurt
4/26/02: Oof - that's gotta hurt.
Everyone's an art critic
3/18/02: Gob N' Palace
Of Fine Arts
Gimme some sugar
3/18/02: Ants Attack -
Send More Sugar!
Stamp this...
3/18/02: SF Tourist Attractions
I got yer bridge toll right here!
01/25/02: Golden Gate
Yeah, DEATH toll!
01/25/02: Golden Gate, Take 2
People, chill -- we're just looking for a cow!
11/29/01: UFO Attack
Somebody get the RAID!
11/29/01: Spider, Man!
Shhh! The movie's starting!
11/29/01: Theater (640x480)
Take THAT, Kilroy!
12/12/01: Domo arigato,
Mr. Robot O
Take THAT, Kilroy!
12/12/01: Take THAT,
Corporate America.
Exciting Map Editor
6/30/01: Our Map Editor
Trailer Trash
6/30/01: Toast, anyone?
Newt Night at the Drive-In
4/29/01: "DOWN IN FRONT!
Newt City
4/25/01: "Newt City, Hey Hey Hey"
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