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Nothing's more annoying in a game than hearing the same sound effect over and over again. And we're just two people. We need a wide variety of screams: men, women, young, old, psychotic, really psychotic. So send us your scream and we'll put it in the game. Just imagine a giant mantis smashing into your apartment building...a giant robot stomping on your prized '65 Mustang...Kathie Lee Gifford cornering you with darling Cody and Cassidy's baby pictures. Whatever it takes -- just belt us out a good one. We'll give you a credit under "Sound Effects" in the game manual, and you'll have the pride of knowing your scream is in a game.

This isn't a contest -- just send us a scream and, if it meets the requirements and we have room, we'll put it in.

One scream only, please. PLEASE do not send us screams from movies or CDs. We want YOUR screams, and we need to know that there are no ownership issues in using your sound. To let us know it's you and not someone else's edited sound, we need you to say "TCFH" on your recording before you scream. Do it as one recording, and be sure to leave us room to make a good edit cut between your sound and the TCFH tag (a second should be fine). Your sound file should be wav or mp3 format, no larger than 500k. Screams can't be returned -- once submitted, all screams become the sole property of Octopus Motor. While we plan to include credits for screams, we reserve the right to edit or omit credits. No monetary compensation will be paid for the scream and the rights you have granted.

  • Just screams or yells, growls, beeps, monster noises or other sound effects.
  • Words and phrases are fine (as in "Look at that THING!"), but no obscenities or languages other than English, please (these screams will be used for the US cities).

    Mention in your email what name you would like to be credited with, or if you would prefer NOT to be credited. We will not credit you unless you specifically list a name to be credited in the body of the email. Here's the nitty gritty:

    • Your scream should be a wav or mp3 no larger than 500k.
    • Say "TCFH" before you scream.
    • Don't forget to give us the name you want to credit.
    • We need you to cut-n-paste the legalese below into your email (Yes, this is awkward, but we don't have another way of assuring that you've read and agreed to the terms). Got all that? Then send your scream to:


    ----------CUT HERE, yes, dreadfully awkward we know, sorry SNIPPITY SNIP----------

    In consideration of Octopus Motor's review and consideration of your submission, you agree as follows:

    1. The recording you submit ("the Scream") is an original work of authorship consisting entirely of your own performance.

    2. I have the full right, power, and authority to provide the Scream.Use of the Scream as provided herein will not infringe upon the tangible or intangible property rights of any third party, including but not limited to the rights of privacy and publicity.

    3. For purposes of copyright, the Scream will be deemed a "work-made-for-hire" with Octopus Motor as the employer for hire; and to the extent it is not so deemed, you hereby irrevocably assign all of your right, title, and interest in and to the Scream to Octopus Motor.

    4. I expressly grant Octopus Motor the full right, power, and authority to use the Scream in any way it determines, or not to use it. This includes, without limitation, the right to edit the Scream in Octopus Motor's sole discretion.

    5. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold Octopus Motor, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives harmless against any and all claims arising in connection with the Scream and/or any uses of the Scream.

    6. No implied or explicit endorsement or other association with TCFH or Octopus Motor is recognized from your submission.

    ----------CUT HERE there, that wasn't so bad, was it? SNIPPITY SNIP----------

    We mostly need screams of fear and panic, so please start with that. Try to think of what you might like to hear while playing the game as your monster terrorizes a city.

    Don't edit the sounds except to trim at the beginning or end -- if it seems like it was edited in the middle somewhere, we can't use it (we need the scream and spoken "TCFH" tag as one unit) If it sounds to us like the "TCFH" was not part of the original recording (edited in later), we'll have to reject the scream.

    Be aware of background noise -- try not to record in your bathroom or when the neighbor's leaf blower is running outside your window. Your computer's fan noise is probably OK, as long as the mic isn't too close and you scream loud enough.

    Don't blow out your levels -- do a test first to get the volume levels set and the right distance from the microphone. Keep the peak volume as high as you can get it without going into the red or maxing out. Too low a volume, too much clipping or distortion, and we can't use it.

    The microphone that came with your computer is probably fine for a scream. You don't need to worry about a pro quality mic or anything (unless you've already got one, then please, go ahead and use it. :)

    Don't make the screams too long -- a second or two is best (not counting the "TCFH"). Overly long screams are not really useful (imagine how annoying they'd be while playing the game!) and we'd have to edit them down. The file should be no bigger than 500k.

    Make sure everyone else in earshot knows what you're don't want people rushing to your rescue or calling 911. Be courteous to those around you while screaming. Don't hurt yourself.

    Some links to help you if you don't know how to record sounds on your computer:

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