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11/30/05: BABY TALK

Some monsters have eggs, which are created by an Objectives script or a powerup. Eggs lay dormant for a while (incubating), during which they are vulnerable to attack. For example, an Objectives script may instruct the player to guard the eggs from damage until hatched. If they make it through the incubation period, they will spawn a number of baby monsters. The more damaged an egg/nest is at hatching, the fewer baby monsters will spawn. Monsters have different types of eggs:

generic egg newtrino eggs mantis egg case ant eggs Spider egg peapods plant seeds eyeball portal
Generic egg Newt eggs Mantis egg case Ant eggs Spider egg Pea pod Plant seeds Eyeball dimensional portal

Baby monsters are miniature versions of the player's monster. They inherit some of the parent monster's defenses and vulnerabilities, They can attack physically, and will generally attack any humans who cross their path in the same way as the parent -- for example, the baby peas will jump up and down on a victim, baby eyeballs will flail their tentacles. They do not have the parent's special attacks (such as mind control, beam weapons or fire breath.) If baby monsters are killed while your monster is nearby, the player monster will get angry (just how angry depends on the monster type - insects, for example, aren't that attached to their kin). The amount of babies hatched depends on the monster type - insects tend to have the largest broods, giant newts and crawling eyeballs the fewest. Some monsters are more attached to their children, and their babies will try to stay close to them. Your monster scores points for any baby monsters that escape the game map, thus living on to attack another day.

itsy bitsy spider eye babies Goblets


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